Paul Ricard localisationTheĀ Paul Ricard Track for Assetto Corsa is the best representation realized to date.

It’s with pleasure that I present you the Paul Ricard track…
This track is made from scratch, with the real height datas and tracing.
The modeling is on Maya, based on IGN and satellite datas.

The Paul Ricard Circuit is a motorsport race track built in 1969 at Le Castellet, near Marseille. It is regarded as one of the best testing circuits in the world. The track is famous for its 1.8km Mistral straight. The full track is around 3.610 miles (5.8 km) long. The shorter circuit is known as the GP short circuit and is 2.369 miles (3.8 km) long. The track offers 167 possible configurations from 826 to 5,861 metres. Its flexibility and mild winter weather mean that it is used for testing by several motorsport teams, including Formula One teams.




This track is very high level on safety. This is why it is used by manufacturers to test without risk some developing vehicles that are very expensive.

-The Blue stripes are the first catch-up areas in case of overrun. These areas possess a higher friction as the track to reduce braking distances.

-The Red stripes are the second zones with a friction even higher than the blue areas. Builders talk about the torn rubber, vehicles are better braked than in a gravel trap that often destroys skirts before, radiators and gravel in the brakes and wheels.




Paul Ricard Assetto CorsaPaul Ricard Assetto Corsa

Paul Ricard Assetto Corsa